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Program/Product Management

The Go Global, Team has hands-on experience in all phases of Program & Product Management. In fact, many of our Global Sourcing Relationships start with a Design Concept that needs to be developed and managed into a viable product or service. One that may also need some assistance in terms of Sales/Distribution, as well as some guidance and/or hands-on Total Supply Chain Management to drive Competitive Advantage. How do you spell S-Y-N-E-R-G-Y? That is what we bring to our Clients in some form or fashion, at some point in time or another.

New Product Introduction

We will find the right connections to effectively bring your ideas and dreams to reality, in a very cost effective manner and then bring to the business equation the right amount of our own Value Added Services. In fact, we like to ultimately put our Clients in the position of Taking Order and Collecting Payments and allowing Go Global, LLC to do all of the other things in between.

New Market Development

Strategically assist the Client to Target Global Growth on a dedicated Global Region and fixed Industrial Market Segments, focused on Optimizing Margin and Returns.

Contract Manufacturing

Are you a Contract Manufacturer looking for more business - we can help you, and do so Worldwide. Are you looking to outsource part or all of your manufacturing business – we can help you find the right outsource manufacturer, help you manage that service, even look at doing it for you ourselves – and again in the most cost effective locations Worldwide.

Demand Based Manufacturing

Hereto we have implemented and managed these initiatives for companies large and small and we will do this for your company as well.

Turnkey/Evergreen Operations

Go Global, LLC has successfully assisted Clients in finding the right locations to establish new operations. We have negotiated the properties and facilities on Lease and/or Buy Basis, as well as on all new or previously occupied locations. We have experience in Totally Program Managing such opportunities, up to and including assisting the Client in properly establishing the new foreign company presence, managing the business start up, including working with the local governments for assistance, hiring the right staff, working with unions, utilities, required service providers and offering any additional Value Added Assistance required.

Lean Manufacturing

We have implemented this discipline at such companies as GE and Lexmark International and we will do that for your company.

Partnering Strategic Alliances/Joint Ventures/Mergers & Acquisitions

If you are searching for the right Global Partner, we can walk you through the process including the pitfalls. We will help you develop the profile for the right partner in the right location and then help you find the right connection and develop that relationship. We also have experience in doing Mergers and Acquisitions.

Brokering Opportunities

This is a very broad topic. However, we feel that it comes down to having a highly skilled and professional staff strategically located to help you and your company to find, sell, leverage or utilize exactly what you are looking for – give us a try and we know you will be amazed!



Go Global, LLC, is a a Total Supply Chain Management company with offices and resources strategically positioned worldwide.

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