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Flexible Infrastructure

Given our services network we are able to provide those services to our customers at the locations where the business or fiscal requirements of the customers are best met.

We formalize vendor selections, management programs, procedures and systems capabilities so that we can provide best in class management, as well as offers a consistent high-quality services.

Main Added Value Logistic Services

Cross-dock process expertise:

Your product cannot be sold or used during the transportation process. Our Cross-Dock Expertise allows you to turn your product quickly and efficiently reduce the transit time to the end user.


"Pick & Pack" for finished goods distribution:

Distribution costs associated with the warehouse, equipment, systems and personnel are reduced by offering flexible solutions to your distribution needs.

Product Rework:

Our flexible staffing provides an excellent opportunity for you to reduce costs by having some of your rework processes managed by our capable operations.


Light Assembly:

In order to reduce costs by having some of your assembly processes managed by our capable operations. We offer the ability to start up quickly and to do so without excessive overhead costs.

Raw Materials Kitting:

We manage the receipt of raw materials, kit them in the manner acceptable to the customers’ needs, and deliver them "Just-In-Time" to the appropriate line, reducing costs and increasing lines productivity and decreasing inventory carrying costs.

Remote Spare Parts Distribution


Whether you are supporting a field service organization or simply making spare parts available to a customer quickly without the added shipping costs associated with a single centrally located warehouse.


Vendor Managed Inventory


We provide our customers with a quick and easy way to set up local warehousing and distribution without the large investment in infrastructure.


System for Warehousing Management


Each warehouse is supported by a system that allows our customers to access to almost any type of information regarding your current Inventory information and reporting:

• Inbound Receipt.
• Products Allocated for Shipment.
• Products Hold Status.
• Reporting Via the Internet www.sysgoglobal.com.
• Inventory Stock Levels Via E-mail.
• Sales Order / Outbound Shipment Status.



Go Global, LLC, is a a Total Supply Chain Management company with offices and resources strategically positioned worldwide.

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