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 IMMEX Program for
Imported and Exported Material

The IMMEX program consists in suppling the storage and/or distribution of temporary imported goods to be integrated in a product for exportation. For either processes as classification, inspection, test or examination of merchandise, packing, sanding, coating, polishing, painting & waxing, integration of promotional kits attached to the export merchandise (co-packing), repair, rework or merchandise maintenance work, among others.

Go Global works as a 3rd party to facilitate logistics & inventory control under IMMEX program. Goods are imported under Go Global´s name and once requested, we deliver to another IMMEX certified end customer.

At the end of the month, Go Global & End Customer reconcile quantities delivered/ received and finalizes customs documents and paperwork stating monthly transfers of goods. No taxes or duties are paid.

The material will be invoiced by Suppler directly to End Customer according to their confidential price agreement.

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