Go Global, has developed a unique Global Sourcing Process that has been proven successful in Sourcing a wide variety of Goods and Services Worldwide. For us every contact can be an all new adventure. However, the overall processes are always consistently the same. Further, we have proven hands-on experience and have successfully shown our clients double digit cost savings working with Pre-Qualified Suppliers in the following Commodity and Applications arenas:

Raw Materials

Metals- Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Titanium, Other Exotic Metals in Coil, Blank, Lengths, Ingot, Casting, Extrusions, virtually every potential form and configuration.

Non-Metals– Including Plastics (all types of Resins, Sheet, etc.), Wood Products (all types and configurations), Packaging Materials (including Corrugated, Paper, Shrink Wrap, etc.), Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles (all sizes and configurations), Cloth Goods (of all kinds and blinds), and more.


All types of Molded, Machined, Cold Headed, Stamped, Extruded, Laminated, and Sewn Components from assorted materials and most of these items are made to the Clients design and/or design concept with Value Added Design for Manufacturabilty assistance to assure the Best Cost and Quality at the very start of the relationship.


Assemblies of all types and made from a various materials, Value Added Designed for Best Cost and Quality.

Finished Goods Products

Consumer Products, Major Appliances, Power Tools, Automotive Products and Accessories, Clothing, Cloth Goods, Luggage, Sporting Goods and more.


Plastic Injection, Vacuum Form and Extrusion Molds, Stamping Dies, Extrusion Dies, of all sizes, for a variety of Technologies and Industries.

Consortium Buys

We are experienced in leveraging the joint purchases for our clients, allowing us to obtain the very best cost positions and sharing that value with everyone. For the more advanced opportunities, we also have experience in COB (Counter-Trade, Offset and Barter).


We pride ourselves in being a One Stop Shop for our Clients, so if you need it - we can find it, develop it and manage it for you anywhere in the world.



Go Global, LLC, is a a Total Supply Chain Management company with offices and resources strategically positioned worldwide.

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