Go Global, LLC, was founded as a Global Supply Chain & Logistics Management Services Company in November of 1996 by founders representing the global backgrounds of the USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong/China and Singapore/SE Asia and proven Worldwide Professional Leadership Experience.

Jointly, we brought together the Leading Global Management Processes of the Large Corporate Business World, with the focus of utilizing this as our foundation to assist all Customers, no matter what size, with the Highest Level of Quality Professional Services possible, and always maintaining a Continuous Improvement Goal to assure the highest in Industry Leadership.

We believe that you can not strive for Industry Leadership without the corner stone of Customer Service. Therefore, from day one, Go Global, LLC established the philosophical belief that at the core of our company we will have, and consistently grow the strong belief and mindset that Customer Service, with the true ownership held by all members of our company, from the top of the organization to each and every new hire at all locations, must be at the core of the company, In this way, the entire company is onboard and aligned with an understanding that it is always easier to keep everyone working towards a common goal, performing to the best of their abilities.

We strongly believe that our customers are the lifeblood of our business and providing a great channel of support is the key to all customer retention, happiness and advocacy.

When a Customer seeks additional support beyond their self-service content, they are often seeking a personalized experience to help them solve their specific issue. Therefore, we offer flexibility and a personalized, two-way support system that will meet your every need.

No matter what services we are providing to you and your company such as: Logistics of all kinds, Warehousing/Inventory Control, JIT Deliveries, Quality Support, Sales Support, Purchasing Support, Sorting, Rework, Assembly Activities, Fabrication Activities, Value Added Services Support, any mix of or all of the above... choosing Go Global LLC as your services provider, will allow you to unify your support channels. We will strive to immediately boost your customer satisfaction to prevent future churn, as we will provide a consistent support experience. In short, we at Go Global, LLC want to create a seamless, value added, mutually rewarding and long term relationship with all of our Customers and we find that when customer service is treated as a philosophy that permeates their company’s culture, each action becomes a prelude to the next. This is why, at Go Global, LLC, we have aligned the entire organization around one mission:



To support open communications, shared problem solving, and immediate attention to any new areas of opportunity, the Executive Leadership of Go Global, LLC is always available to you and your company should you have need to contact any one within our organization other than your assigned Key Contact.

Please feel free to contact directly:

Omar Serrato
President/Managing Director

Acceso III No 96 Int 12. P.I. Vie Verte
Queretaro, QRO 76120 MEX

52 (442) 348-6614



Go Global, LLC, is a a Total Supply Chain Management company with offices and resources strategically positioned worldwide.

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